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Full Payroll Services

Our Full Service Payroll makes it simple for business owners to report payroll and pass out checks, or even offer direct deposit on payday. That is the end of your payroll duties!


  • Paychecks or direct deposit stubs with each payroll
  • Privacy envelopes for distribution of paychecks or direct deposit stubs
  • Garnishment calculations


  • Comprehensive payroll reports each payroll
  • An easy to complete payroll worksheet for the next payroll
  • General ledger reporting
  • Paid time off accrual
  • Year end reporting


  • Automation of tax payments and reporting
  • Annual W-2s
  • Correspondence with government agencies on your behalf if necessary

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Online Payroll

Online payroll gives our clients the option to submit and view payroll from any location. Employees can also log on to view and print their past pay history. We want to save you time and money and Online Payroll is a great way to do that.


24 hour access to all of your payroll information from any location


Add/change employee set-up information


View and print payroll reports


View and print employee pay stubs

And Integrated Payroll continues to manage:

  • General ledger reporting
  • Garnishment calculations
  • Paid time off accrual
  • Automation of Tax Payments and Reporting
  • Annual W-2s
  • Correspondence with government agencies on your behalf if necessary

Get a quote to see if Online Payroll is a good option for you!

Direct Deposit or PayCard

With our direct deposit or PayCard options, you can save significant costs for both your company as well as your employee. For your company, you can eliminate all current paycheck costs, including reconciliation, fraud, escheatment, etc. You will gain productivity, as employees do not have to go anywhere to cash or deposit their paychecks on payday.

(Printed checks also available.)

Timekeeping and Scheduling

A simple, automated timekeeping and scheduling solution. Minimize human error, calculate data in seconds, and cut down on wasted labor time with our Timekeeping Services. Reduce your cost of labor one pay period at a time.